Our Students

Brillo de Sol is an inclusive school and we place great emphasis on the fact that every child possesses his or her unique gifts and talents, and everyone has something to contribute, regardless of their intellectual or physical abilities.  The students at Brillo de Sol benefit from the methodologies used at the school that focus on the practice of individual respect.

We do not limit the students that demonstrate above average IQs. Out of boredom or being insufficiently challenged, these types of students are those who can’t adapt to the regular classroom environment and are identified as trouble students and they ultimately are expelled from traditional institutions.

We provide individualized learning to address the specific needs of students frustrated by different forms of learning disabilities like:

  • Hyperactivity

  • Attention deficit

  • Hearing difficulties

  • Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia

  • Dyslexia

  • Infant depression

  • Significant problems with their conduct

  • Convulsive episodes

We provide rehabilitation for those students that are not passing their grades because of emotional damage caused by different types of abuse or have been living or witnesses to domestic violence.

The students transform themselves into happy and joyful children and learn many things that in the past were unable to achieve. Now, these students can smile and have faith in themselves, they develop in an environment of equality and respect, trusting that no one is going to see them as incapable or different. These children or adolescents have discovered their internal potential and are cognizant of the fact that they can’t change the environment in which surrounds them, but they only can change their attitude to confront the adversity and the challenges positively.