About La Antigua Guatemala

Brillo de Sol is located in San Pedro las Huertas, a small town at the foot of the Volcano Agua south of the old Spanish colonial capital of La Antigua, Guatemala.

Church in Main Plaza of San Pedro las Huertas

With its ancient ruins, cobblestone streets, colorful houses and surrounded by mountains and 3 gorgeous volcanos, La Antigua is one of the most beautiful cities in Guatemala.  It’s a mecca for tourism, volunteerism, and known for the many Spanish language schools that operate here.  La Antigua is like no other place in Guatemala.  In addition to the indigenous Mayan and Latino residents, you will encounter people from all over the world passing through or volunteering there.  Many residents originally came for a short-stay as travelers or volunteers, have fallen in love with the town, and made it their home.

Founded in 1543 as Santiago de los Cabelleros, La Antigua is the 3rd capital of Guatemala.  It served as the seat of the military governor of the Spanish colony of Guatemala until 1773 when earthquake destroyed the city for a second time and it was decided to move the capital to the present-day Guatemala City, about 30 miles away.    Over the past 30 years, it has been rediscovered and transformed into the jewel it is today.