In addition to our valuable staff, volunteers are an integral part of our program. They make what we do possible.

Volunteering is a great opportunity for students pursuing a teaching career to gain hands-on experience or others in the profession to lend a hand with their expertise.  We are always looking for people with all types of skills to help us make a brighter life for our children.   Here are some of our current needs:

  • Teacher’s aide in each classroom

  • Librarians

  • Assistants in the computer lab

  • Art, dance and theater teaching assistants

  • Public Relations experts.

  • Speech, occupational, and physical therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Vocational teaching assistants

  • Physical education teachers

  • Reading and writing tutors

  • Volunteers who want to work on the school building improvements such as painting, repairs and other maintenance of the school


For information on volunteering at Brillo de Sol, email us at: info@brillodesol.org or you can apply to be a volunteer by clicking here.


Living and Volunteering

There are many housing opportunities for volunteers in La Antigua and its surroundings villages.  Many local residents offer home-stays where you can live, volunteer and/or study Spanish.  There are also many hostels offering affordable housing for short stays.