Our Teachers


Monica Lisbeth Galvez Zamora

Monica originally studied to become a teacher and worked in a regular education classroom for the first grade for 8 years. She studied to become a PT/ OT for three semesters but discontinued due to health reasons. Having a strong interest in health care fields, she became a “technician in hearing, voice, and language therapy.” She practiced as a speech therapist technician for 4 years, and also continued to teach regular education school. She began volunteering at Brillo de Sol in 2016, and in 2018 became the third grade teacher in the “Bosque” (forest) classroom. She always had a dream to work with people with disabilities. She says, “it is a joy to see [the children’s] advances and achievements.” She collaborates with the Center for People with Different Capabilities – Angels of Light, whose mission it is to create a more inclusive society in Guatemala. It is her goal to teach the children to become independent and productive for their community and their families.

Ruth Noemí Galindo-newRuth Noemí Galindo

Ruth has been a teacher in primary education and some areas of ‘basic education’ for 11 years. She has been teaching at Brillo de Sol for 4 years, where she teaches 6th grade, occupational classes, and ‘morality.’ Ruth studied applied and basic studies at the Colegio Santa Familia, and then continued her studies of becoming an ‘urban diversified teacher’ at the Institute for Olimpia Loyal Ladies (INSOL). Ruth loves to work at Brillo de Sol because, as she says, “it fills me with joy and satisfaction to see my students achieve.” She finds it gratifying to help her students accomplish goals, despite some motor and psychological difficulties, and to grow up and overcome many obstacles. She has made it a priority to teach her students critical thinking skills and has the wisdom to advise them in how to best prepare for their future. 

Wendy Lopez-newWendy Lopez

Wendy was born in San Antonio, Aguas Calientes, Antigua Guatemala. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Letters and continued her education with a specialization in teaching secondary education in pedagogy and psychology. She says her work at Brillo de Sol is truly special for her since she works individually with each child that needs special attention. She also loves being part of the educational team at Brillo. In addition to providing this individual special instruction, Wendy also teaches meditation to all children so that they can better concentrate and modify potential problem behaviors. Wendy says, “what I like about my work is that I learn to teach new subjects, that I learn from the children, that I am helping them acquiring an education, thereby training them for life and teaching them values and emotional health at the same time.”

Claudia Morales-newClaudia Morales 

Claudia has been teaching at Brillo de Sol since 2017.  She has made extra efforts to serve the children in her classroom, which includes four children with autism, and has been integrating Montessori teaching ideas into her curriculum.

Magy Reyes-newMagy Reyes

Magy completed her studies as a teacher of primary education at the Normal Institute for Young Ladies Olimpia Leal ¨INSOL¨ in 2012. She has been working at Brillo de Sol for a total of 5 years since she started teaching. She says, she feels very comfortable here because it is like her second home. She loves spending time with students and colleagues. This year, Margarita teaches the second primary class in the metamorphosis classroom. She says her students are very motivated to learn, are fun-loving, and participate in all activities. Being at Brillo de Sol has changed her life and her way of thinking, as it motivates her to be a better teacher and a better person. “The children have taught me to fight for my dreams,” she says, and “have also taught me that with patience, perseverance and love everything can be achieved.”

Lucia Socorec-newLucia Socorec

Lucy lives in San Mateo close to Antigua. She lives with her parents and 3 siblings. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. Before she came to Brillo de Sol, where she has worked for the last 3 years, she worked at another school for low-income children. Lucy’s education includes studying an INSOL, a school for girls. At Brillo de Sol, Lucy is the primary school teacher for the “Universe” classroom. She feels in addition to being the teacher to her 15 students, she often functions as their mother, their doctor, and their counselor. Letty Lopez, the director of the school, says of Lucy, “She knows the needs of the children and that is why she works with passion to change the lives of her students.”

Lucy loves working at Brillo de Sol because “every child is a world and that makes each one very special; with them every day is different and unique because there are laughs, anger, worries and many other things.” She feels great satisfaction to advocate for her students and their progress as well. Brillo de Sol has helped her grow as a person, she says, and she became more empathetic with other people and respected individual differences better. She says, it inspires her to contribute “a grain of sand” to the lives of each of her students. Her classroom is diverse and includes deaf students. Lucia has learned sign language to accommodate their needs.

Sonia Valle

Sonia is the new first grade teacher, in a classroom called Oceano. She teaches 15 students, providing personalized education to each and using Montessori teaching methods. She is also a language therapist. Last year Sonia volunteered at Brillo de Sol and made such a good impression that she was hired as a regular teacher this year. Sonia says of her new employment, “I love working with children with different learning needs. I know that each child has his or her own rhythm and that an essential ingredient for their learning is the joy and surprise of the unexpected every day.”