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In addition to our valuable staff, our volunteers are an integral part of our program.  We couldn’t do what we do without them.   It’s a great opportunity for students pursuing a teaching career to gain hands-on experience or others in the profession to lend a hand with their expertise.    We are always looking for people all type of skills to help us make a brighter life for our children.   Here are some of our current needs:

  • Teacher’s aide in each classroom

  • Librarians1939727_281461602008368_652411586_o

  • Assistants in the computer lab.

  • Art, dance and theater teaching assistants.

  • Public Relations experts.

  • Speech, occupational, and physical therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Vocational teaching assistants

  • Physical education teachers

  • Reading and writing tutors

  • Volunteers that want to work with the physical facility (painting, repairs and other maintenance of the school)

For information on volunteering at Brillo de Sol, email us at: info@brillodesol.org



Living and Volunteering:

There are many housing opportunities for volunteers in La Antigua and its surroundings villages.  Many local residents offer homestays where you can live, volunteer and/or study Spanish.   There are many hostels offering affordable housing for short-stays.    


Here’s some of what our volunteer’s experienced  at Brillo de Sol

(click on an image to view as a slideshow)