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Administrative Staff 


1912009_287989761355552_234994294_nExecutive Director 

Alma Leticia “Letty” López Contreras

A therapist, she found her mission a long time ago providing education to children with different forms of learning.  She began the school with a positive attitude, 2 tables and 8 chairs.  As a result Letty’s leadership,  Brillo de Sol has grown to over 50 students in the school, added an early learning program, plus programs for speech therapy, psychology, teacher training, parent education, cooking classes, karate , and other academic support.  Through various means, she carries the message of how important it is to provide special education opportunities in Guatemala and informs families about the strengths and minds of their children. She is a tireless champion for these children, constantly reminding people of the gifts and potential they possess.

“I work every day to maintain excellence in education and rehabilitation of our students, always ensuring that their education is appropriate to their needs, they learn values such as respect for diversity, develop their critical thinking skills, that they realize how bright they are and above all, to see life with joy.”

15208037_10153888074136436_383488257_nProgram Coordinator/Psychologist

Diana  Eloisa Alvarez González

Diana has been with Brillo de Sol for the past 4 years as a volunteer, teacher and psychologist, and now serves as our Program Coordinator. She brings to Brillo de Sol strong organizational skills and deep knowledge of the children, staff and our organizational philosophy.  In addition to being well respected by the teachers for her experience, she loves the students, knows how to enter their world, counsel them, and provide them the understanding they need.

“I like to go above and beyond because I feel a passion for work and a part of Brillo de Sol.” 


15226507_10153888074241436_1289040312_nAdministrative Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator

Evelyn Salazar Meza

Evelyn joined our team in 2016 after working as an bilingual secretary for another NGO.  She recently finished her class curriculum in Clinical Psychology and is currently working on her thesis.   She is enthusiastic in her work, a great partner and team member who strives daily give the very best.

“Being at Brillo de Sol has greatly enriched my life. Sharing with the children is something very beautiful.  I like to remind everyone the great value and potential they possess.  I feel that belonging to this wonderful institution was a godsend.” 


15218599_10153888074326436_461273367_nOlga Galindo

Housekeeping and health store

Olga is a single mom working to support her young son. Her responsibility is amazing! She is loving to all the students, prepares food with love for them and thanks to her, the school is always very clean. When she started working with us, her self-esteem was not very good; but now she proudly wears her uniform and is a full partner in the school participating in all of the team training workshops.