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Each child who arrives at our door  comes with his or her own unique unmet needs and challenges.  In short order,  given unconditional love and acceptance, specialized therapies and the generosity of volunteers, friends and sponsors, seemingly miraculous change begins to occur and another child is on the way to realizing his or her full potential.

We are currently seeking sponsors for the 2018 school year.  The success of our students and our program
would not be possible without that support.   For those of you who are already sponsors, thank you so very much for your continued support.

When you sponsor a child, you are just not changing the the life of that child and securing his or her future, you are helping the entire family and community at large.  100% of your tax deductible sponsorship provides direct tuition assistance to your sponsored child.  For additional information click here or e-mail us at donate@brillodesol.org.

Here are the children currently in need of sponsors.  


Carlitos is 11 years old and lives with his parents and three brothers. He was premature and was not breathing at birth. At age 3, he suffered a blow to the skull and had an operated at 4 years old due to abnormal alignment of the eyes. All these things have contributed to his learning disability. Carlos started studying at Brillo de Sol two years ago. He had not adapted to public school because other students took advantage of his naivety and innocence. He had trouble following instructions, was very distracted and shy, and had little self-confidence in his ability to learn. At Brillo de Sol it has progressed enormously in communication and language. He knows the vowels very well and has learned some of the consonants. He has learned to follow the instructions and feels very comfortable in his daily routine. Carlitos has also improved in his confidence and interaction with his classmates. At recess he still plays alone, but there are days when he plays ball or in the sandbox with his classmates. He has learned to express his emotions and to say how he feels. We want to continue working with Carlos. His parents love him and support him, but they cannot afford to pay the tuition. We believe that a specialized education that respects and adapts to his unique needs will allow Carlos to be successful in his education and in life. Can you help?


Eber is 10 years old lives with his parents and 2 sisters. His father works as a security guard and his mother is a housewife. He likes to help his mother at home. Eber is repeating third grade because he is easily distracted and unable to maintain sufficient attention to learn in a traditional classroom environment. His teacher frequently scolded him and told him he did not have the ability to learn. This damaged his self-esteem. He has little fluency in reading and reading comprehension, lacks fine motor skills, and has difficulty writing letters and numbers. In his month of adaptation, we observed that it is difficult for him to follow the instructions of the teacher. We have begun to work on behavioral modification and to teach him to express his emotions. We want to be able to support Eber and provide a learning environment where he is respected and supported in overcoming his difficulties. We want to see him happy, hopeful and secure in the knowledge that he can learn and succeed. His family is poor and we are urgently looking for a sponsor for him.


Héctor is 9 years old and lives with his parents and a brother. His father works as a blacksmith and his mother a homemaker. He had a premature birth at just 6 months. He easily forgets things and suffers from stuttering when he gets nervous. Héctor has learning difficulties and problems with memory retention. He had a challenging time adapting to public school due to the large class size, often exceeding 45 students. Because of this it was difficult for him to learn and remember what he was taught in class. While observing him in adaptation, we noted that he is extremely shy and that it was difficult for him to express herself with his teacher. But he has shown improvement and he easily made friends with his classmates. We want to help Héctor, in a way that respects individual differences and enhances his self-esteem. We want to rehabilitate his language difficulty and provide him with learning methods that meet his unique needs. We are urgently looking for a sponsor for him.


Henry is 13 years old and lives with his parents and two brothers. Henry fell from the roof of his house at 6 years old, and suffered a blow to the left frontal side in his head. This has caused him convulsions, he suffered from a mild mental disability and the loss of his fine and gross motor skills. Henry came to Brillo de Sol two years ago at the recommendation of the NGO that was supporting the family. His parents wanted to find a better educational opportunity for their son due to the difficulties he was having in public school. There, he was not given sufficient attention and he was making no progress in his education. When he started at Brillo de Sol, he was very shy. Since then, his self-confidence has improved dramatically. Henry has also has made a great deal of progress in his education. He learned to read much more fluidly this year. He's learned to add and subtract and says math is one of his favorite subjects. We are urgently looking for a sponsor for Henry. The non-profit organization that sponsored him in the past no longer has the funds to do so. Can you help this young man to continue his education?


Jefferson lives with his dad, a motorcycle mechanic, and his mom, who is a homemaker. His was born with a lack of oxygen, which caused neurological damage and contributed to his hyperactivity. He sees a neurologist and takes medication, but still has a tough time controlling himself. He has speech difficulties and only knows how to say some basic words. Jefferson’s hyperactivity and ADD have made him a challenge, we have brought him onto our Brillo de Sol family and surrounded him with love and support. Slowly and steadily we are seeing improvement in his behavior. When Jefferson started with us two years ago he had difficulty in his fine motor skills resulting from his hyperactivity. He had never attended school before, and did not know how to follow instructions. He often left the room and would not stay in his seat. The first year we employed individualized therapies so he could fit into a group of students. This year, he saw considerable progress in his behavior and can work in the classroom without being overly disruptive. He is following instructions and manages to work with the classroom door open without supervision. He is is beginning to write and has improved his fine motor skills significantly. He has learned self-control and to play and share with his peers. Before, his anxiety caused him to want to fight when he was at play. He is now able to express his emotions by means of alternative language using cards with drawings. Jefferson has come a long way. Will you help him continue his journey?


Jesús is 8 years old and lives with his parents and two brothers. The family is poor. His father is a carpenter; his mother sells food in the street in the evenings. He gets along very well with his companions, and loves to dance and participates in dance groups. Due to his hyperactivity and attention deficit, Jesús has difficulty concentrating and following instructions. This has prevented him from learning for the past two years in public school. He has repeated first grade twice. He was referred to Brillo de Sol by the parents of another family who studies here and for the past month has participated in our adaptation program. We observed that he easily adapted to our learning methods, already follows instructions, and is earning stars for good behavior. It seems that love and acceptance motivated him to do better. He is one of our dance masters and is teaching his classmates to dance. He dreams of being a great dancer. Can you help provide Jesus with the gift of an education?

José Eduardo

José Eduardo is 9 years old and a very happy child. He lives with his parents and his sister. José was referred to Brillo de Sol by his previous school because he had a lot of difficulty in learning. His is a slow learner, has difficulty recognizing vowels and numbers, and confuses addition with subtraction. When he first started school, he was very shy but now has several good friends. He’s begun to learn to follow instructions if we provide them in a way as to not overwhelm him. We are also working with him on improving his concentration. When he started with us, he was afraid to speak, thinking the other children would make fun of him; but no one made fun of him as they did in his prior school and this made him very happy. He’s learned at Brillo de Sol, we accept everyone's differences. Now he’s not afraid to ask when he does not understand something. We love him and want to give him a better future and rehabilitate his difficulties with our specialized methodology. We need a sponsor for him. Please help.

José Pablo

José Pablo is 9 years old and lives with his mother and his two brothers. His parents separated and he has no contact with his father. His mother works in a blacksmith shop. José Pablo previously studied at another school but dropped out of school because he suffered bullying, his classmates hurt him, and his teachers always gave bad complaints about him. During his time with us for reinforcement and adaptation, we saw great changes. He did not want to come to study because he thought our school would be like the previous one. He discovered that Brillo de Sol is a place full of love for our students. He has started to express his emotions and to say what happened to him. He loves his teacher, gets up very early to get to school, and has made new friends. José Pablo has a lot of difficulty with the lines of letters, recognizing the vowels and the differences in numbers. He likes to play ball and is very affectionate. We believe that José Pablo’s learning problem is dysphoria and dyscalculia. We want to help him with an education and personalized therapies adapted to his needs. We love him and we want to change his life and recover his self-esteem. We only need a sponsor to help us make his studies possible.

Melany Jamilet

Melany Jamilet is 11 years and lives with her parents and her older sister. Her father works as a woodcarver and her mother is a homemaker. Melany was born prematurely and had difficulty breathing. At 3 months she began having seizures. Now, entering her second year at Brillo de Sol, she still has some has difficulty writing and poor fine motor skills, but this improved steadily last year. Although shy at first, she's become very sociable and has several close friends. She loves to help the young children in the kindergarten class. Help us to change Melany’s life by sponsoring her studies.

Want to know more about Brillo de Sol and the work we do?  Check out Brillo de Sol USA’s  2017 Annual Report.


“I spent time at Brillo De Sol in May 2016 and I never imagined the impact it would have on my life.  I fell instantly in love with the school and the special work that Letty and her fantastic team are doing there.  I was fortunate enough to meet Rudy and we worked on a art project together.  When I returned home, I knew I needed to do more.  He is such a terrific boy who is thriving at Brillo de Sol, and I am so thankful and proud to be able to help him with sponsorship.”

Brian Nocella, Volunteer
Philadelphia, PA