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15218356_10153888074196436_3878655_nRuth Noemí Galindo

Teacher – 6th Grade & Adolescents

With over 9 years experience in education, Ruth  brings a great deal of professionalism to her work.   She has made it a priority to teach her students critical thinking skills and has the wisdom to advise them in how to best prepare for their future. 

“I am very happy and proud to belong to this school be a part of  the great work they do with children.  I hope to spend many years in this institution and give my all for the students so they are happy, learn many things including how to fend for themselves in a very competitive world.   I am also the mother of a four year old son; he is my life. I thank God and Brillo de Sol sunshine for the opportunity you have given me to change lives.”


15209194_10153888074361436_1051398948_nJennifer Lopez Perez

Teacher – 3rd & 4th Grades 

Jenny knows the difficulties of poverty and learning problems in children of their community, to fight this, she became a writer. She also has nurse and teaching degrees. She has great skill in teaching mathematics, accounting, physics and biology, and the students love her the way she encourages and instructs them.

“Every child’s smile is my daily inspiration; love and sincere friendship have taught me to be a better person and fight for my dreams.  My big dream is to study special education at the University and I want the dreams of my students to also become part of my dreams.”



15211796_10153888074271436_781559579_nMagy Reyes

Teacher – 1st & 2nd Grades

Magy is a student of psychology at the University Rafael Landivar. She is also taking college courses in chemistry, biology and mathematics.  She is creative in the classroom and finds ways of ensuring the her students achieve everything expected of them.  She demonstrates passion in everything  she does.

“I love my job.  When I’m with the kids, I forget the pains; Being with them is an experience of another world that makes me a better person.”


IMG_20160427_094710Lucia Socorec

Teacher  – 2nd & 3rd Grades

As a primary school teacher, Lucia has been involved in a number of different forums on how to address the individual needs of special education students in the classroom and creating different strategies used to make learning meaningful.  She is a responsible and creative person with much love for children and committed to ensuring student learning.

“Being at Brillo de Sol” is a new challenge, God has given me the opportunity to work with children and I know that I will perform in the best way and lovingly nurture my personal and professional life “



1653401_287989668022228_546171095_nJuan Francisco Sazo

Physical Education

Juan is young man with incredible abilities for karate with great aspirations.  Juan has been fighting to demonstrate to the entire world that despite having a disability we can reach our life’s goals.  Juan will be an incredible example to our student body and he wants to instill these values in all of them. Juan is an exemplary individual that believes in fighting for your dreams, never quitting, being kind towards others, being humble, and always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

“I want my students to learn the importance of sports and living a healthy life; for them to achieve their goals like I am doing.”