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 A number of organizations support Brillo de Sol through scholarships, providing volunteers, assisting us with events or other forms of financial support and in-kind donations.


Scholarships & Tuition Assistance:


CasaSito Association Guatemala


CasaSito increases educational opportunities in rural areas so that those living in poverty can attend school, receive quality instruction, and obtain the skills they need to improve their lives. In addition to providing educational assistance and support, they also place volunteers in their various partner programs and run a volunteer house in Antigua.

CasaSito partners with Los Niños Foundation to provide tuition assistance to some of students at Brillo de Sol.  The students of Brillo de Sol  also participate in a number of CasaSito sponsored events including the annual Arts, Music and Sports festivals.       



Familias de Ezperanza

Familias de Esperanza, Common Hope’s field program  in Guatemala,  provides the necessary resources for thousands of impoverished students to stay in school and be more successful students.  The program also creates partnerships with local schools to support and enhance the education students receive.   Common Hope works in 26 communities outside of Antigua and Guatemala City, helping more than 11,000 impoverished children and adults create a better life for themselves.

Familias de Esperanza has placed many students in Brillo de Sol over the years and provides a number of our children with the education and support that their families could not possibly provide on their own.  



Mimariposa Foundation

Mimariposa Foundation’s  goal is to improve the living conditions of families in the province Satapequez, Guatemala, by providing resources and materials for teaching and promotion of good drinking water.  The butterfly in their logo is symbolic of transformation.  By providing uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and tuition assistance, Mimariposa provides poor families with the means to send their children to school .  

Through the generosity of sponsors in the Netherlands, Mimariposa Foundation provides tuition assistance and uniforms to some of the students at Brillo de Sol.


losninosLos Niños Foundation

Los Niños is a registered Dutch foundation that undertakes and supports projects in Guatemala.  Their goal is to facilitate educational projects, and to increase the independence and self-supporting abilities of the poorest children and their families.  They focus on building, expanding and improving schools for children without resources.  Support also includes scholarships for secondary and vocational education.  They also aim to directly improve the living conditions of children at home by giving attention to, among others, nutrition, hygiene and medical care.

Los Niños Foundation partners with CasaSito to provide tuition assistance to some of the students at Brillo de Sol.



Uno Más

Uno Más  focus primarily on supporting children in the form of scholarships, but the work of the foundation also  involves improving schools by providing support for adequate teachers, teaching materials, and all that is needed to achieve a quality education.  In addition to matching sponsors with the children  from poor families,  Uno Más also provides individual scholarships to young people who want to further their education after primary school.   They seek motivated individuals from poor families who want to develop themselves based on their own strengths and self-esteem into healthy, educated professionals who can break the cycle of poverty and chart their own future.

Through the generosity of sponsors in the Netherlands and elsewhere, Uno Más provides tuition assistance to some of our students at Brillo de Sol.  They also provide  other direct assistance to help Brillo de Sol to improve the quality of our educational program.  More information on their work at Brillo de Sol can be found here. 


University Partners

  University of Northcarolina University of Redlands University of Wyoming



Professors and students from the Psychology and Speech Therapy departments of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,  the University of Redlands, and the University of Wyoming visit us once or twice a year to assist with evaluations and the preparation of diagnosis and treatment plans.   They also provide training to our teachers on various topics and teaching methodologies.



Other Partners and Supporters:


535676_473726969310907_71014525_nLa Union and Maximo Nival 

Local Spanish language schools providing volunteers 


ONG Voluntariado LogoONGVoluntariado

ONGVoluntariado arranges for volunteers  to participate in overseas volunteer opportunities at  participating NGOs in Latin American countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica. ONGVoluntariado cooperates with  a diverse group of NGOs that offer flexibility in arranging dates and different volunteer roles at various projects.  Check out their website if you want to know more about volunteering and international NGOs. www.ongvoluntariado.org




Donates time maintaining our computers and developing learning programs for the children.


Antigua´s Varieties & Delicatessen 2093405

Sells a wide variety of regional products and decorative items.  The profit from some items goes directly to Brillo de Sol.