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Brillo de Sol’s Needs

1044564_205743916246804_225437630_nMonetary donations are used to provide  direct tuition assistance to students and for the maintenance of our school.   You can find information on how to make cash donations by pressing the DONATE NOW button at the top right of the screen.   

We are also in need of supplies and equipment for the classrooms.   These needs are classified into three different categories, from the least expensive to the most costly.   Each of these is a critical need for of our children to realize the full benefits of our program.

While we are deeply grateful to our USA friends for offers of material goods and other supplies, logistically we are unable to easily transport them to Guatemala.  However, we are happy to accept cash donations for a designated purpose.


School Supplies:

Small toys like key chains, surprise toys, candy, crayons, special or color pencils, erasers, etc.


Every two weeks we award the students who have good conduct with this type of item; this is what we call, “a good conduct star”.

Beach toys for our sandbox.

Table game sets, so we can develop cognitive skills, for example, Mimic, Jumping Flea, Finding the Thief, Operation, Detectives, and Scrabble (Spanish version).

 Crank pencil sharpener for every classroom.

 Industrial size toilet paper.

 Food and plastic utensils for the little house (casita).

 Plastic supermarket carts for the children.


Classroom Equipment & Furnishings:


Bookcases for each classroom to store books and toys.

Rugs for some of the classroom and the therapy room.

Tables, small tables (for the children) with plastic chairs. These are useful for the students, so they can have their snack hour in the garden, in the small rooms, and in the little house (casita).

Vinyl table cloths with positive messages appropriate for children. (8 of 1.50 X 0.75 meters  3 of 1.50 X 1.50 meters are needed)

Long mirror for the therapy room: 2 X 0.50 meters

Mirror for the art classroom: 2 X 2 meters.

Small tables to play water games: 4 (wood tables 1 meter high with a hole in the middle to place the washtub).

Playground equipment  (Swings, slides, etc).


Audio-Visual & Electronic Equipment:

DVD (To watch educational videos in the audiovisual classroom).


CD recorder in each classroom.

Digital camera to archive our activities and send updates to our donors and godparents.

Video camera.

Intercom (for the safety of the students, so we can lock our front gate).

Laptop (this will be use for office work and to keep all our records electronically).

Computer Laboratory with three or more computers (we have the educational software and the rehabilitation, but not the computers).

Computers with microphones to rehabilitate the deaf students.

Audio equipment (speakers, amplifiers, and microphone) for all our activities, celebrations, and our morning prayer.